Fists Up Afros Out™

When you mix fashion and philanthropy, what do you get? A formula that was created by mistake, but gaining it’s way to a household brand. Hazel aims to promote UNITY through fashion, art and community service.

1. The Afro represents freedom, liberation, and an authenic form of growth

2. The Clenched Fist also known as the raised fist has been used for centuries by various groups and cultures to symbolize unity.

3. The Peace Sign represents various sentiments of, well, peace, love, unity, and harmony.


SoFISTication™ is a facet of FISTS UP AFROS OUT™ that specifically focuses on the community service , programs, events, and activities sector of the organization.

Through SoFISTication, our aim is to break the traditional way of teaching, learning, and doing. Knowledge isn’t something that should be treated as a blanket statement. Encouraging higher level thinking , self sufficiency, and necessary skills needed to survive is key.

How we achieve this goal is through our various community based programs, seminars, events, activities etc.


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